Learning About Antinatalism, with Amanda Sukenick

September 20, 2023 enjoyour24
Learning About Antinatalism, with Amanda Sukenick
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Show Notes

This week Mo chats with antinatalist, Amanda Sukenick. Antinatalism is a family of philosophical views that are critical of reproduction — they consider coming into existence as bad or deem procreation as immoral. Antinatalists thus argue that humans should abstain from begetting children. Antinatalist views don't need to be limited only to humans, but may encompass all sentient creatures, claiming that coming into existence is a harm for sentient beings in general.

We recommend watching her excellent interview on "Soft White Underbelly."


Amanda’s podcast: https://youtube.com/@theexploringantinatalismpo4465?si=AorRqsq5X2_obfq0

Read her published whitepaper on the argument for antinatalism: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/cambridge-quarterly-of-healthcare-ethics/article/imposing-a-lifestyle-a-new-argument-for-antinatalism/D31CFBA4E8BB207D7C24A68E415A8AB0

Amanda has also made a documentary, available on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/700934785

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